Kelly Edmond was planning a personal trip to Haines when he realized it had been 10 years since he graduated from Haines High School. Kelly started inviting anyone who was in high school around the same time (2005-2011) and planned a gathering at Letnikof Cove over fair weekend with classmates James Hart, Kee Heywood, Marley Horner, Tristan Sebens, Hannah Bochart, Anne Lindsley, Alixanne Goodman, Jeanine Ward, Brianna (Phillips) Baarson, Christine Hansen, and Forest Podsiki. “For many of us still in Haines or nearby, we periodically run into each other, but only for enough time to exchange quick words then go about our lives. So, the best part of the reunion was having all these people at an event with the sole purpose of being together: catching up, having fun and enjoying each other’s company,” Kelly said.
Respite care worker Michael George and former resident Alex Moore, 12, spent 20 days on the F/V Castaway fishing for albacore tuna with Alex’s dad Josh Moore. “Michael helped with cooking and helped with coaching Alex when crew was showing him what to do. Alex learned his deck routine and loved every moment. They saw dolphins, sharks and squid. The best part for Alex was (being) with his dad on their boat fishing together where he is happiest,” said Alex’s mom Victoria Moore.
Team PBR co-ed softball team played in the Haines Junction Softball Tournament over the weekend. “The team played five games including round-robin but did not make the championship games on Sunday,” said team captain Jesse McGraw. Liz Segars and Daniel Klanott were awarded individual Most Valuable Player award pins. Liz took a fly ball to the lip and split it open on the second inning of the first game and still played the next consecutive four games.
Mike and Janet Cloke, grandparents of Morgan and Kolbie Cloke, recently visited Haines from Washington State. After the several days’ visit, the grandparents continued with their Alaska travels reaching as far north as Deadhorse, Alaska on their motorcycles.
Sarah and Chorus Bishop hiked to the top of King’s Throne near Haines Junction, Yukon last week. “It’s 10 miles roundtrip to the summit, about 6,500 feet high. Only the first third is a maintained trail up to the ‘cirque.’ After that it’s a scramble up steep scree slope ridges with lots of exposure. The ridge up to the summit is awesome, 360-degree views of all the surrounding peaks, valleys, lakes,” Sarah said. Laurel Gunnarson from California joined them on the venture. Laurel and Sarah went to school together at the California College of the Arts. The Bishops’ children, Garland, 3, and North, 1, stayed at base camp with grandparents Kerry and Gershon Cohen.
Lt. Governor Byron Mallott acknowledged Haines Friends of Recycling’s zero waste efforts at the Alaska Climate Leadership Team meeting by praising their efforts for producing only 210 pounds of trash over the fair weekend that went to the landfill. The Alaska Climate Leadership Team was established by Governor Bill Walker through an administrative order. The recognition was passed on through James Gamble, who also attended the meeting, and Sue Libenson of “There were 200 hours of volunteering, 110 bags of compostable material, 1,500 pounds of recyclable plastic and aluminum, 24 big boxes of Uglys’ corn, six boxes of compostable silverware (and) two truck beds of cardboard and recyclable paper,” said board member Molly Sturdevant.
The Tlingit and Haida Tribal Family and Youth Services department under the Native Connections program sponsored a tribal citizen youth video featuring Jacob Brouillette, Marcel Cohen, Bradley Dybdahl, Arias Hoyle, Keegan Kanan, Geri Rodriguez and Kenndra Willard, who directed, rapped and produced the music video called “Ix̱six̱án, Ax̱ Ḵwáan (I Love You, My People).” The video was shot in Juneau and around Haines and you’ll see many prominent landmarks including Dalton City, Fort Seward and Picture Point. The video has almost 10,000 views on YouTube.
Judy Hall of Skagway, wife of Community Waste Solutions owner Tom Hall, died this week in Arizona after battling a longtime illness.

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