Lucy-Anne Bieberich was born to Sylvia and Chad Bieberich, at 3:50 a.m. on July 31, 13 days past her due date and four hours before her scheduled induction.She weighed 9 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 21.5 inches long. Big brother Sage reports, “she has beautiful eyes, they are blue just like me!”
Jesse Krebs flew in from New York City to perform with her dad Bob Krebs as “The Krebcakes” at the Klondike stage at the fair last weekend. Jesse divides her time between being a Coyote Ugly singer/dancer/bartender and working in aerial arts, “most recently acting in a play that was workshopped and performed on Governor’s Island, as well as performing in various off- Broadway plays and shows,” said her mom Lisa Krebs.
Bonnie and Karl Johnson’s children Solveig Johnson, Kara Coffman and Julie Vadon flew in from Washington and Texas to celebrate their grandfather Bob Becker’s 90th birthday. Bob’s sons from Juneau, daughters from Hawaii, grandchildren, great grandchildren, two great-great-grandchildren and many others enjoyed hiking to Battery Point, bear viewing, going to the fair and a family crab dinner. Kara’s children, Marley and Reed, will stay an additional week with grandparents Karl and Bonnie.
In 1975-77, Margaret H. Piggott worked on the pipeline north of the Yukon River and earlier this month drove up the road to Prudhoe Bay. “Snowshoe hares were all over the road in Coldfoot, some plovers and snow birds were out on the North Slope, and I almost ran over a bull muskox in the fog. I stayed in the Prudhoe Bay Inn where you get all meals, but at a whopping price. The inn was adjacent to the airport, and two swans were happily sitting in a pool of mud (there were fresh ponds and lakes once you got out of Prudhoe Bay). All inns made booties mandatory, or you had to take the boots off on their clean floors. I was caked in mud when I went out of Prudhoe Bay, but my pickup had neither a flat tire… nor a pit on the windscreen when I got to Fairbanks,” Margaret said. She also stayed in camps at 5 Mile and Franklin Bluffs. Margaret kept notes in her diary during her pipeline times and was told that she should place the diaries in the archives at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
More than 100 Haines High graduates and staff came from near and far last month for the decade of the 80s reunion in Haines. Kay Dunning and Vikki Meacock started an event page on Facebook and lots of people were interested in getting together this summer. Graduates enjoyed a golf scramble, a Chilkat River tour with Duck and Karen Hess, a tour of the school by Ashley Sage, and a dinner at the Haines ANB Hall followed by 80s trivia and a casual gathering. People came from as far as Florida, Georgia and Minnesota. “We were blessed with beautiful weather and lots of support from the town donating door prizes and such,” Kay said. “We couldn’t have done it without the local help of Mary Blilie and Lisa Flory, who were invaluable, and Nikki Sharbroich was a huge help as well!”
Filmmakers Colin Arisman and Connor Gallagher worked to capture the spirit of the fair’s 50th year for a promotional video that will be used to raise awareness of the fair in the region. “They shot footage of weekend highlights, such as contests, kid’s rides, fair food, concerts and more. They interviewed locals to get individual fair stories, and visiting entertainers to get outside perspectives on the fair. And they worked to situate the fair in its environs in Haines and show what a magical place it is to visit,” said fair director Jessica Edwards. Jessica said they will be working together through the fall, and hope to have a video to debut this winter.