Hugh Edward Cavellier was born 3:31 p.m. Monday at Bartlett Regional Hospital to Lisa and Patrick Cavellier of Haines. Hugh weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 20.75 inches on arrival. Grandparents Liz and LJ Stearns said Lisa is doing fine and they’re looking forward to meeting their new grandson. “We are just proud grandparents,” Liz said. Hugh joins sister Lilly, 2.
Thom Ely recently completed a 1,600-mile bicycle trek along an Appalachian Mountain route from western Connecticut to Asheville, N.C. The phone app, “Ride with GPS” led him through places like the Blue Ridge Parkway and Pennsylvania’s Amish country on rural routes, bike trails and converted railways. Highlights included stops at southern cafes, craft breweries and the town of Columbia, Pa. Tom made a visit after the ride to Saint Augustine, Fla. to see Allison Wilson, who works for Skagway Street Car Co.
Marty Fowler spent three weeks in Las Vegas, Nev., filming and editing video and audio segments for a cable television show, “She’s Gone Country with the CB Cowgirls,” working alongside Bill McRoberts. The show was broadcast on the Cowboy Channel starting Dec. 8. McRoberts, a photographer and former rodeo rider, makes an annual trip to the National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, where he shoots photos of rodeo stars in conjunction with broadcast programs. Marty also filmed a cowgirl fashion show, reports mom Christy Tengs Fowler.
Upper Lynn Canal Fish and Game Advisory Committee chair Tim McDonough is one of five Alaskans to be honored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with the 2018 Advisory Committee Excellence in Service Award. The award recognizes “outstanding contributions in service to Alaska’s communities, fish and wildlife, and to the regulatory process by Fish and Game Advisory Committee members across the state.” The award’s nominating letter lauded McDonough for “unbiased leadership” and for nurturing “an environment of respect and order, (and) facilitating focused and efficient meetings.”
Carol Lawrence said her pain is gone but she’s still working on stability and balance more than three months after surgery for a hip she broke in a fall at the library in August. “You think you’re going to be up and running after a month, but no,” she said. Carol said she’s still grabbing onto things as she walks, and water aerobics at the pool is helping. While at the Sitka hospital for treatment, she was able to visit husband Roy Lawrence at the Sitka Pioneers’ Home. Friends can drop a Christmas card to Roy at Room 263, 120 Katlian Street, Sitka, AK 99835.
Players in the Haines Bridge Club scored near the top during last weekend’s annual tournament in Whitehorse, Y.T. Gregg Bigsby and Debra Schnabel were top pair on Friday night. Roy Josephson, Brenda Josephson, Fred Shields and Roger Schnabel were second among fours on Saturday. Roger and Fred were top pair Sunday. Other club members making the trip included Henry Wong, Joe Orlando, and Jim Wilson. Forty-four players participated in the tournament held at the Golden Age Club. The club welcomes new members and beginners. It meets 12:45 p.m. Tuesdays at the Haines Senior Center.
Lyndsey Johnson and Graham Kraft recently spent a month in Peru, including a two-week float trip with friends on the Moranon River, the main-stem source of the Amazon River. They also surfed for a week, hiked on ancient trails and rode on buses to dizzying heights on the steep slopes of the Andes Mountains. A trip highlight was stumbling into a citywide celebration when Peru’s soccer team beat New Zealand for a trip to the World Cup. Lyndsey and Graham are back to work at their ski factory in Dalton City.
“Haines has overabundance of blessings and kindness,” said Leanne Converse, who’s on the mend since hip replacement surgery a month ago. Friends have been providing food and rides. Leanne said she has given up her walker but she’s not yet back to her full routine.
Credit artist Gerri Marquardt for the holiday scenes on Main Street storefronts. She said to look for more around town in the next few days. Gerri created the art at the swimming pool, including the relief sculpture on the building’s east wall. She said she plans to collaborate with son Luke Marquardt on some upcoming murals.
Spots are still available for ringing the bell at the Salvation Army holiday kettle on Main Street. Lt. Kevin Woods reported earlier this year that the church delivered 1,050 food boxes last year and 934 meals. Stop by the kettle to sign up for a time slot.
Natalie Helms is back this week after two months in Erie, Pa. for medical treatment of an ovarian tumor. She received a clean bill of health. While there, she stayed with parents Christine and Michael Helms. She also saw brother Ben Helms, who was home from Chicago for Thanksgiving.
Gates Haddock passed away Dec. 10 at Bartlett hospital in Juneau, shortly after a community fundraiser at the Presbyterian Church to help his family with medical expenses. He had been cured of cancer, wife Susan Haddock said, but succumbed to a pulmonary aneurysm due to the long illness and chemo treatments. The family is planning a celebration of his life on what would have been his 50th birthday, Dec. 31. There will be full obituary next week.