I’m voting Joanie Wagner for Mayor and I hope you will, too. I know making comparisons can be counterproductive – the apples to oranges thing – however, I remember one assembly meeting sometime after the Minor Offenses Ordinance reconsideration petition and before the creation of the Code Review Commission when our current Mayor called for an action that made my jaw drop. I was stunned, could she really say/do that? With regard to those two things, the situation had changed enough to let her know that the assembly was in charge, yet she made one last attempt to exercise control. An assembly member spoke next reminding her how things stood.

I remember all the assembly meetings where many of us spoke in favor of a different harbor expansion plan and Jan Hill did nothing to include us, to soothe us, to help us understand what was going on. Joanie Wagner would never behave in this fashion. She’ll be open, supportive and strong, too.

Jan Hill is a power player. Certainly there are advantages to having a well-connected person like herself as Mayor. However, I believe Haines is ready for a Mayor who believes in “we,” who will bring the spirit of cooperation and reconciliation to the role of Mayor along with all the other regular mayoral duties. Joanie is that person. Please vote for her on Oct. 3.

And without expanding government, is there another job for Jan where she can do her best without doing damage, a radical idea, right?

Evelyna Vignola