Fifteen moose have been harvested during this year’s Unit 1D subsistence moose hunt as of press time Wednesday.

Hunters have reported two sub-legal moose, one spike fork, one more than 50 inches wide and 11 three brow tines, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Fish and Game Assistant Area Biologist Carl Koch said he set a guideline harvest of between 20 to 25 moose before he’d shut the hunt down, similar to last year.

“It depends on how the season plays out and how many sub-legals we get,” Koch said.

Last year the hunt lasted eight days although it could last until Oct. 7. The season began Sept. 15.

Hunters can target moose with spike forks, three brow tines or antlers more than 50 inches wide.

Koch said those antler restrictions protect two to five-year-old breeding bulls. Yearling bulls have spike forks.

“I’d love it if I see a few more spike forks come in instead of these larger antlers,” Koch said. “Some of these brow tines critters could be younger bulls.”

The meat from the two sub-legal moose were donated to Haines charities.

No moose were reported to Fish and Game on Tuesday or Wednesday.