The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation has recently opened its ninth annual grant cycle.

Grants from $500 to $3,500 are available to local nonprofits said advisory board secretary Cynthia Allen.

Over $23,000 is available this year, most from the foundation’s main endowment and memorial fund. Just over $18,000 was awarded last year to 15 nonprofits. Allen said more than 30 nonprofits have received money from the foundation since the program began in 2009.

Grants will be awarded to organizations that support health and wellness, education, environment, arts and culture, and community development.

The Rasmuson Foundation granted $5,000 of the main endowment. The Rasmuson Foundation recently made a pledge to donate that amount for direct granting for four years as part of a “statewide effort to boost the viability of Alaska’s community foundations,” according to a press release.

The Rasmuson Foundation also is matching donations made to Chilkat Valley Community Foundation through 2020.

“We are so excited about the amount that we get to grant this year, and that this amount keeps on growing because we have donors who are really invested in our local nonprofits,” said advisory board co-chair Anna Jurgeleit. “Also, the Rasmuson Foundation matching grant is such a great opportunity to boost our local permanent fund over the next four years.”

The Chilkat Valley Preschool put last year’s funds into building its new facility attached to Haines Senior Center. Lynn Canal Conservation Outreach Coordinator Lizzy Jurgeleit said LCC used its grant money for community education and programs to increase awareness about wildlife habitat and the potential impacts of mining and logging in its “Did You Know” sections in the newspaper.

The advisory board and three community members will evaluate grant applications after the grant cycle closes on Sept. 28. Grants will be awarded on Nov. 9.