Lucas Mariner was born to Lexie and Stuart DeWitt Monday, Aug. 14 at 12:59 p.m. and weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces. He joins older siblings Charlie and Loralai. Family and friends who want to bring a meal to the family can contact Sarah Elliot at 314-0639.
Sam and Lindsey Edwards were married on Aug. 5 at Chilkat State Park. They were joined by Sam’s mother Mary Lynn, step father Monty Smith, sisters Jessica and Helen Edwards, Lindsey’s parents Rich and Ruth Moore, brother Devin and grandfather Dick. Monty officiated the wedding after a few days of camping and hiking. The reception was held at the fairgrounds with Haines friends and family.
Cecelia David’s nephew, Bob Ridley, organized a family reunion with the theme “Bring Auntie Cecelia Home for Founder’s Day,” in Metlakatla over the weekend of Aug. 4-6. Cecelia is the eldest living member of both the Ridley and Dundass branches of her family. She was treated to good food and dancing all weekend. Her son, Ted Davis of Juneau, and granddaughter Denise of Sandpoint, ID along with many other friends and family members joined in the festivities.
Alixanne Goodman, Lisa Shove, Tracy and Lizi Wirak, Alisa Beske and Lizzy Jurgeleit ran the 33 mile Chilkoot Trail last weekend. Starting at Dyea at 12:45 a.m. and running through the morning, they reached Lake Bennett at 1:10 p.m. with two 20-minute breaks in the run.
Leigh Horner traveled to the south end of Nova Scotia to Digby at the Bay of Fundy to watch the largest tides in the world. She then joined her family for a reunion near Feltzen South on the South Shore near Lunenburg. Highlights included lobster with cousin Gwen Corkum of Bridgewater, NS and renting a house with Dick and June Corkum, cousins Clark Corkum, Brian Boys and Stephanie DeLucia and their families who came from Portland, Ore. The group enjoyed exploring the beautiful area where their grandfather Millet Corkum was born. Lunenburg is famous for the Schooner Bluenose which arrived for the Tall Ship Festival while they were there.
For the first time in 20 years, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s musical ride took place in Skagway on Aug. 14. Thirty-two RCMP members displayed equestrian skills during the ride. The show cost $30,000, half of which was donated by an anonymous donor, while the Skagway Borough gave $10,000. Haines residents Scott Pierce and Megan Moorhaus, Terry Bastable Podsiki, Kaitlin Combs, Tom Morphet, former resident Kim Lehner and husband Steve Burnham attended the event. At least 200 people watched from the Skagway School ballfield. Lead rider and director Pat Egan is a former Haines Junction RCMP and helped start the Kluane-Chilkat International Bike Relay.
Tresham Gregg has family visiting this week. His son Juge Gregg, with wife Katherine and daughter Cooper, are here from Washington, D.C. where Juge works for the Department of Justice. Cooper celebrated her 9th birthday on the day they arrived in town. While in Haines, Cooper is enjoying making art with her grandfather, visiting the library, swimming at the pool, picking berries and fishing. She also won second place in the children’s fishing derby at Chilkoot Lake Saturday with a 22-inch pink salmon.
Local missionary Sebabi Laballo’s mother, Amellia Leballo, is in town from Texas to visit and assist with Jehovah’s Witness Bible studies in the community.
Serena Badgley is returning to school on Thursday to continue pursuing a degree in exercise science. Serena will also continue to lead the ultimate frisbee team “Chicks Hucking Discs” that placed third in nationals last year. Serena’s parents are Al and Crystal Badgley.
Port Chilkoot Distillery was mentioned in August’s “Alaska Beyond” magazine on Alaska Airlines. The story highlights “unusual local ingredients” in Alaskan drinks and cuisine; the distillery uses spruce tips to flavor its gin. The article also featured a small photo of the distillery’s gin bottle taken by John Hagen.
Katie Sevigny’s artwork is on the cover of the Alaska State Fair Program again this year. Katie is the daughter of local artist, Joanie Wagner, owner of Skipping Stone Studios on Main Street.