Two contests, Wi-Fi and a wine bar are among the new features at this year’s Southeast Alaska State Fair.

For the first time, contestants entering the Southeast Strong competition will test their strength during kettle bell tosses and heavy equipment tire flip races among other trials as they compete for cash prizes.

“I can flip (the tire) over once,” Fair executive director Jessica Edwards admitted. “We might be modifying the contest for two people. It’s a lot more fun and you can actually get going with two.”

First place winners in each of the men’s and women’s categories will earn $50. The individual who wins the most physical challenges gets $100.

Southeast Strong is free to enter and begins Friday at 3 p.m. at Ravens Arena.

The Dinky Doggy Derby, also a new contest held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, will pit little dogs (30 pounds and under) with big hearts (unrestricted) in a race to their owners.

The divisions are based on weight between 0-10 pounds, 11-19 pounds and 20-30 pounds.

The race, to be held in Ravens Arena, costs $10 to enter and the fastest dog’s owner wins half the pot.

The popular talent show, “Southeast’s Got Talent,” will start Thursday at 6 p.m. at the main stage.

As of Tuesday afternoon five performers were registered but up to 30 can be accomodated. A Skagway ukulele player and a young Juneau girl singing Brittney Spears are among the registered contestants. Hali Brownell, a vocalist and last year’s youth winner, also signed up to defend her title.

Participants can sign up during the show. Edwards said the crowd-pleasing event is a big draw for what traditionally has been a slow opening day. “It turned Thursday from a dog into a great day at the fair for us,” Edwards said.

Despite the poster advertising the talent show, which depicts a moose juggling flaming squirrels while balancing on a fish bowl held by a turtle, no acts involving fire are allowed.

Jackie Venson, a blues and soul singer from Austin, Texas and Monica Lettner, an Anchorage singer songwriter will sit on a three-judge panel for the event.

Fair goers will for the first time have access to a wine bar that will offer California and Oregon wines.

AP&T is offering hotspots for paid Wi-Fi this year as well.

If you’re not staring at your phone for too long, you also might notice painted rocks hidden across the fairgrounds this year. A new trend where individuals paint rocks and hide the “Haines Rocks” across town recently kicked off in town.

Careful observers who find them, after posting photos of the colorful rocks on Facebook, then hide the rocks again.

The fad will apparently move to the fair, Edwards said. “I saw a little set of rocks that had underwear on them,” Edwards said. “They were really cute. It might spread if people bring them home from the fair. A Haines rock might become a Juneau rock.”