How do I thwart thee (the thoughtful, positive intentions of legitimately elected assembly members)? Let me count the ways.

I’m repeating myself to participants in the harsh campaigns – are you grounded in love? If not, what are you doing? Love makes for objectivity, reactivity does not. An open heart and a whole brain are required for quality choices.

My vision for Team DeBrad, notice their names, has superhero, bridge-builder, fence-mender Brad Ryan emerging: “No prob, Ev, I’m handling this. By definition, I’m building bridges, not walls, I’m healing/protecting, turning negativity into positivity. Any wounded borough staff and Debra Schnabel are surrounded by my protective shield, no attacks can reach them. Soulful healing and practical borough work is happening simultaneously.” Inspiring, right?

I like Tom Morphet’s words describing Debra: forthright, resolute, creative, a student of government, knows the code. I believe Brad shares some of those qualities, however, not forthrightness. He wasn’t while answering my questions during the community interview. And resolute? Could he find courage and creativity to soothe the pain in this community? Borough employees and the public respect him, and I believe they will work with him if he asks them to give Team DeBrad a chance.

Please apply this prayer for the earth to our dear Haines: “transmute all negativity, undue control, greed, corruption, egotism, poverty, disease, anger, hate and fear from our loving Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, as much as the law will allow and in respect to the free will of all.”

Evelyna Vignola