The Haines Borough’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will host a trails workshop next month to generate ideas for trail improvements and additions throughout the borough. It will be held 6 p.m. June 7 at the public library.

At its Monday meeting, the committee discussed generating a volunteer group to groom and expand existing trails like West Piedad and Mount Riley. Last year’s efforts included putting gravel down on Battery Point Trail.

Creating new trails also is a goal in the comprehensive plan.

“We should just see if there’s any interest in any more trail development. There haven’t been any new trails in 40 or 50 years,” said committee member Thom Ely.

Committee chair Rich Chapell said the committee could apply for funding through a recreational trails grant. Next month’s workshop could bring about ideas for trail locations and help the committee prioritize projects.

Chapell said Alaska State Parks received a grant to replace bridges and stairs this summer on the Seduction Point trail between the trailhead and Moose Meadow.

But Haines resident Jonathan Richardson said the state Division of Parks is hesitant about any trail expansions for fear there is not enough money or manpower to maintain them.

State park ranger Travis Russell could not be reached at press time Wednesday.

The committee also looked at improving trails for multiple uses, mentioning ATVs, mountain bikes and ADA compliance.

All residents are invited to the meeting, as are landowners like the Division of Parks, Mental Health Trust and University of Alaska.