I’ve enjoyed my share of politics. Voted every election since I first could at age 18 at a special election at college. I very seldom agree with much the borough does, but I have the means to disagree at election time. Recalls are a waste of resources, time and taxpayers’ money. If you disagree so much, run yourself. I was at a recent meeting where I disagreed but was treated with respect and listened to, I felt. The present assembly has had a rough hole. Though many don’t agree with them, many do. So we must work toward a discussion not of name-calling or innuendo, but converse in a civil tone whether in agreement or not. And the assembly should lay out guidelines to ever improve the agenda, and make meetings more efficient and progressive.

Although who I voted for may not have made it, I accept that Heather Lende, Tom Morphet and Tresham Gregg represent me, and I think they do. I will not support any recall and I ask my fellow voters to reject such divisive politics, and to get their own candidates to run in future elections. As a personal, political view, I think Debra Schnabel would make an excellent borough manager.

John Winge