We would like to thank your writer, John Stang, for his help in getting our car off the hook for crossing toll bridges in Seattle when it had been parked 1,628 road miles away in Haines at the time. That “autobody experience” was caused by a local resident who had a HAINES novelty license plate on the front of his truck as he drove around Seattle last month. It turned out that he was a subscriber to the Chilkat Valley News and he read the article. He got in touch with us and explained that he had also contacted the toll collecting agency. As it turned out, that agency accepted our dispute of their toll charge and went on to put the HAINES plate into an “exclusionary” category. That means that anyone who has such a plate on their car gets to cross all the toll bridges in Seattle for free. They even told him that we wouldn’t be billed. Not such a bad deal. Unfortunately, the company also takes videos of the back plate, so they could possibly catch up to you later. That said, Alaska novelty plates can be bought at Alaska Rod’s, across from the bank.

Don and Dottie Poling