Eliminate waste: A solution for the garbage discussion. I would like to second Sharon Resnick’s call for restraint by the borough over the discussion of garbage disposal. Her description of what she has accomplished with a little effort is commendable in eliminating waste and reducing her impact on the environment.

What she has outlined is a simple solution for Haines garbage management — simply eliminate waste — which reduces disposal to a minimum. There are many in our community (myself included) who are doing the same thing as Sharon. This is a solution guided by individual actions of self-sufficiency, which minimizes creating waste and thereby reduces waste disposal. It seems then that discussions about waste management and disposal should start with how waste can be eliminated and having zero waste as a goal.

The borough’s ensuing discussions about garbage have future implications for our community, such as setting regulations, disposal rates/costs and can size. I feel that one cannot describe possibilities for the future unless the present problem is accurately defined. Please consider how we can eliminate waste. Sharon’s solution is a good starting place for discussion.

Frank Holmes