I would like to thank Constantine Metal Resources for inviting school district personnel to come out and learn about the Palmer Project. In small towns like ours, exposing students to the diverse career possibilities available to them can be challenging. The Palmer Project offers an amazing practical array of science and research that goes into understanding what lies beneath the surface and crosses personal beliefs about mineral extraction. The scope of work runs the spectrum from advanced degrees in geology and environmental science to being a mountaineer or camp cook, and that fits the demographic of work we need for the future in our city, state and country.

Having local industry representatives such as Liz Cornejo and Darsie Culbeck offer to share that science with students is wonderful. I appreciate the time they took to help our educators consider ways we could work together to provide new educational opportunities. We are fortunate to have several such business partners around town working with our students, and we look forward to creating many more.

Rene Martin, principal