The Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium will host the first Infant and Toddler Health Roundup Aug. 8- 9.

Parents are welcome to bring children ages 0 to 5 to the Haines Health Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for vision and hearing screenings, growth monitoring, immunizations and vaccinations, nutrition and dental health information, safety and well-being information and other resources.

Pediatrician Marna Schwartz and other clinic staff will oversee treatment. Patients who see the doctor or receive immunizations or vaccinations will be billed or their insurance will be billed. Educational services offered at the event are free.

Insurance specialists will counsel families that wish to register for Denali Kid Care, a state program that provides basic medical coverage for children. They will also help families navigate and complete complicated registration processes for other insurance programs.

“I just hope we’re able to provide a service to the community and for our youngsters,” said clinic administrator Mary Crann. “I think there definitely is a need,” she added, mentioning recent closure of the full-time public health nurse office in Haines.

Bike helmets, flotation devices, smoke alarms and other items will be raffled off and awarded as door prizes for attendees.

Although she doesn’t know quite what to expect as far as attendance this first year, Crann hopes the event is successful enough to continue another year. “I’m just hoping we can help our young families.”