Thanks to all who participated in the 2016 Winter Olympics at the fairgrounds on Saturday. Thanks to Takshanuk Watershed Council for running the shooting station at the Iditasport-style biathlon. Thanks to the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel for organizing “dog calling” races.

Thanks to Michael Wald for brainstorming new games, loaning equipment, setting and cleaning up, running the tea‐making contest, and more. Thanks to Tom Morphet for horn playing, the Olympic Cauldron, and planning pageantry. Thanks to the Chapell family for loaning gear. Thanks to the Haines Ski Club for donating use of avalanche beacons. Thanks to those who brought chili for the cook‐off potluck, and to Cambria Goodwin and Adam Richard for judging entries. Thanks to Kyler Swanson and Jeremy Reed for the games on ice. And thanks to all who showed up on a surprisingly snowy February day to bike, ski, run, shoot, race dogs, search for beacons, relay in way‐too‐big arctic gear, team‐ski on 2×4 planks, and race to boil water on a campfire. What fun!

Jessica Edwards for the Southeast Alaska State Fair Board