Wha…? This is a survey? The Haines Borough Assembly-approved Ideal Candidate Survey has been purported to define what the Haines people want in a police chief and borough manager. I think not. As a lay would-have-been user of the survey, I found it deficient in at least the following: 1) Too long; five pages? Come on; 2) Access too passive; poor verbal mark to Internet link. Figure it out? 3) Too many choices for multiple choice questions; 4) Essay questions not quantifiable; 5) Reading comprehension level too high; unclear language; 6) Too much technical or inside knowledge required to elicit meaningful data; 7) Survey’s announced Feb. 20 due date follows consultants’ on-site visit, where they could be “influenced.”

Why are we, the taxpayers and citizens of Haines, paying the Brimeyer Fursman consulting firm so much money, or anything at all, for such shoddy work? Someone once defined a consultant as an “expert” who borrows your own watch to tell you what time it is. I wonder whose watch is being borrowed this time? Or, are we in danger of being hoodwinked?

Diana Kelm