The Haines Borough Police Department was a one-man show for about five days last week, but the return of officer Brayton Long and the temporary reassignment of two Hoonah cops mean reinforcements have arrived for Sgt. Josh Dryden.

After Long accidentally shot himself in the lower left arm last week, Dryden was left alone at the department. Temporary hire Ken VanSpronsen’s last day was Dec. 28.

“Two people here doesn’t work. Three people is pushing it. It doesn’t work. It’s not safe. It’s not productive. You can’t do things correctly, and I don’t like taking shortcuts,” Dryden said.

Long returned Sunday, but won’t be out in uniform patrolling. He’ll be in the office, organizing the evidence room and doing some research, Dryden said.

Dryden didn’t want to elaborate on the details of Long’s accident this week. “He just got back. He is still on painkillers. We’re just going to give it a little bit before we talk about it more.”

Two officers from the Hoonah Police Department – Lt. Bill Mills and officer Jordan Welch – arrived on Jan. 10, Dryden  said.

Chris Brown, an officer who works for the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Department in Idaho, is scheduled to come to Haines for a meet-and-greet and final interview at the end of the week, Dryden said

Dryden said he is impressed with Brown thus far, but he doesn’t want to hire sight-unseen.