Haines Borough interim police chief Robert Griffiths has declined a “generous offer” to stay on as the municipality’s permanent chief and instead has accepted a job as executive director of the Alaska Police Standards Council.

Assembly members, residents and coworkers have publicly stated in recent months their desire to keep Griffiths on as the borough’s permanent chief. Griffiths said in spite of these “humbling” community petitions, heavy recruiting and a generous offer to stay, his final day on the job will be Nov. 23.

“I intend to continue supporting Haines in its search for a new chief and as a pro-bono consultant in the ongoing efforts to update the policies and procedures, implement the changes needed to modernize the department and affect the changes recommended in our recent management audit,” Griffiths said.

Manager David Sosa wouldn’t say how much money Griffiths was offered to stay.

“Chief Griffiths and I discussed appropriate levels of compensation but as a final offer was not accepted, and we will be negotiating with new applicants, it would not be in the borough’s interests to address the specifics of compensation,” he said. “I will say that the amount was in line with chiefs in similarly-sized municipalities in Southeast.”

When asked this week what, in light of the news, he wanted to see in his next boss, Sgt. Josh Dryden responded, “Another Bob.”

“He is knowledgeable. He is fair. He is honest. He has that balance of enforcement and common sense,” Dryden said.

Dryden, who has been with the department for about 18 months, said Griffiths has charted a plan for department improvements and has already bettered the department by leaps and bounds.

“He has created a path for us to follow, or at least for somebody to come in and take it over,” Dryden said.

Manager Sosa said he will be working with the Public Safety Commission to determine how to proceed with the hiring process.

The Alaska Police Standards Council determines whether to revoke certification in cases of police misconduct, monitors department compliance with regulations and legislation, and assists departments with funding for academy training.