The Public Safety Commission will meet at 4 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21 in assembly chambers to discuss the portions of the controversial minor offense ordinance concerning public safety.

The commission will go through public safety violations listed in the ordinance line by line to discuss whether certain items should remain on the books. The ordinance compiles existing violations identified in code in one list and assigns fines to the violations.

Residents have criticized the ordinance for including violations that are outdated, ridiculous and Draconian.

Manager David Sosa on Monday urged the commission to carefully consider each item they look at.

 “The law was formulated by the current assembly, by previous assemblies, and at some point there were individuals who took a look at each of those elements in the code and for whatever reason they determined that was something that was relevant to our community,” Sosa said. “It doesn’t necessarily make that item of code relevant to our community today, but I think it would be important that those items are given due consideration by the public, by the public safety commission and the assembly if we are going to go through and adjust it.”

Sections of the ordinance dealing with subjects like tax code, building code and fire code violations will not be addressed at Friday’s commission meeting.