I do not think that the two-story wave barrier is a well-thought-out plan for increasing the size of our boat harbor. I have a sense that it will be an eyesore and costly to maintain and could fail if anode protection stops working.

The current rock breakwater has not sunk out of sight in 30-plus years. To think that its current termination point is as far as it can go because of core drilling studies appears flawed. The extension would be the same as the present breakwater. Lay down Typar, put down gravel and then rip rap.

As for extending the parking, people will spend five minutes driving around the grocery stores so they can park close and not have to walk 50 feet. So, in Haines, are they going to walk 1,000 feet? I think not. To erase Lookout Park for parking upsets me.

I do not think that these ill-conceived ideas should be rammed through with no pictures or mock-ups. Show us what this is going to look like and then ask us for our input. It’s not too late to take another look at this plan after mock-ups and artist-conceived views are completed.

Dick Flegel