Former Alaska Wildlife Trooper Ken VanSpronsen is now a member of the Haines Borough Police Department, but no one will say what brought about the end of VanSpronsen’s stint as a trooper.

Department of Public Safety officials and Police Chief Robert Griffiths declined to comment on the circumstances of VanSpronsen’s departure from the troopers. When asked if VanSpronsen had been fired, Griffiths said, “You’ll have to ask him that.”

VanSpronsen declined comment, stating it was a “personnel issue.”

Sgt. Aaron Frenzel (VanSpronsen’s superior) and trooper public information officer Megan Peters also wouldn’t say whether VanSpronsen resigned or was terminated.

“I am not at liberty to talk about that,” Frenzel said. “He no longer works for the Department of Public Safety.”

Peters cited state law, which makes all personnel records confidential except for very limited information, such as dates of employment and level of compensation.

Peters also wouldn’t comment as to whether VanSpronsen was under investigation or if troopers had taken some kind of disciplinary action toward him.

Police chief Griffiths said VanSpronsen “became available” on June 19. Griffiths got the paperwork done that day, and VanSpronsen was on the job by June 20.

“He’s well-known in the community. He’s respected in the community,” Griffiths said. “He’s extremely knowledgeable in law enforcement and public safety. He is certified already. And he was available.”

VanSpronsen worked as wildlife trooper in Haines since June 2012.

Last summer, Lutak Road resident James Puckett claimed VanSpronsen brought retributive charges against him in April 2013 after the two men had a housing dispute. The state initially brought 28 charges against Puckett, claiming he falsified his residency to obtain Alaska hunting and fishing privileges.

The state dropped all charges in March 2014.