I’m noticing that a lot of us don’t like cars right next to our waters – Viking Cove, the Chilkoot River Bridge, the Small Boat Harbor. I also notice that we’re a nation of convenience freaks. Many of us want to park our cars as close as we can to our destination and when we can’t, it seems to really, really, really matter. Viking Cove got resolved through the court, Chilkoot River Bridge is looking at property lines, there’s a sense of emergency regarding the harbor money, yet there’s not enough money to complete the expansion, and there’s the almost certain risk of losing something that’s both beautiful and that more or less works.

I’d like to plead for hauling ourselves in around how much convenience we really need. I’d like to plead for talking to each other vs. using legal or power struggles for decision-making processes. There’s a book in the library titled “Difficult Conversations” (call #158.2 STO). Let’s use that book. Let’s use mediation services from Lynn Canal Counseling – win/win is so much better than win/lose. It takes time, really good intentions, including not thinking you’re the only one in the room with a good idea. I feel anxious about notions like “rights” and who “deserves” what. Us/them becomes so loud that “we” shrinks to nothing. I totally believe in all-around workable solutions in our Haines world.   

Evelyna Vignola