I wonder if people realize that there will be no new slips or floats in the coming harbor expansion? We didn’t have enough money for those. We had $19 million. Three million dollars went to studies and engineering plans, the rest is for dredging, parking lot expansion and a gigantic steel wall for a breakwater that is going to cost $50,000 a year (or more) to maintain because you have to buy zincs to keep corrosion at bay. That’s right, $1 million in 20 years for maintenance, guaranteed. The floats for slips are part of Phase 2, government-speak for we want it, but don’t have the money. They are going to cost $5 to $10 million. Add the $15 million to $30 million for fixing Lutak Dock and the harbor department has Haines in a $20 million-plus deficit. That seems like a lot for 2,500 people to me. Are we going to have bake sales? Maybe the gillnetters could donate salmon for a salmon bake.

Joe Parnell