Haines Borough officials said they hope to repair a U-shaped mooring float at the Letnikof float before the fishing season. The shore-side leg of the float broke off the structure Wednesday in high winds.

Public facilities director Carlos Jimenez said the borough spent $23,000 to put a sleeve and turnbuckle on a crack discovered last year when the borough was doing other work there. There were no guarantees on that fix, he said.

Jimenez said he is hoping to make a more permanent repair this year. “I don’t want to spend money on a repair that may not last another season.”

When north winds die down, the borough intends to lash together sections with chains to prevent further damage until permanent repairs can be made, he said.

Borough ports and harbors committee chair Norman Hughes said the leg on the opposite side of the float broke in a similar way about 15 or more years ago when the facility was owned by the state.

The float is constructed of sections of pipeline four feet in diameter, filled with foam. During summer months, it’s attached to a pier via a separate landing float and a gangway.

The borough recently made $1.2 million in improvements at Letnikof, including moving the float further out into Letnikof Cove, and replacing anchor chains and decking.

North winds and wave action batter the float in winter, when it also can get weighed down with ice. A study of placing a floating breakwater in the cove about 20 years ago found that fierce weather there would have required one of the stoutest structures ever built.

“It gets hammered,” Jimenez said.