I am not only very pleased with the passing of Measure 2 but also a bit overwhelmed by all the rhetoric around town. It seems everybody and their mother is talking about opening a “dispensary.” Where were all these people when the fight to legalize started? Many were asked and told to show their faces, go with us to the meetings and stand up. The truth is there were three of us, basically (with many of you even warning us that you wanted no part of bringing attention to your involvement with marijuana), until the resolution and my petition. We went out armed with facts and statistics, and talked to everybody from the police chief to the Mayor. We showed our faces, put our existing medical marijuana grows out in the open. There was nothing to hide, just a very small group of people who wanted to see an end to marijuana prohibition. Now everybody is ready to attempt to “reap the harvest” of our efforts. I hope the powers that be recognize the efforts of those who did have boots on the ground and that we are now prepared to talk and seek mutual ground on what will and will not be allowed in this community. Those of us that were in this from the beginning should be the ones who continue to the finish line.

Dean Lari