As usual, I’m tardy with my thanks, but they are no less heartfelt! I would like to thank all our Haines Woman’s Club members, their friends and the mothers of the Young Eagle Scientists for baking the delicious pies and cheesecakes for the Fourth of July bake sale. A special hug to my worker bees, who not only baked but worked to serve our customers. Our husbands were there helping with the hard labor, setting it up and taking it all down and we love them for it! As for all of you who bought all those pies, cheesecakes and root beer floats – without you, where would we be? A special thanks to the Haines Brewing Company for donating their very special root beer for our floats. Proceeds from this year’s sale go to the Young Eagle Scientists, who we hope will get to travel next year! They were great dish washers who kept us in clean utensils all day!

Susan Johnston, Pie Sale Chair, Haines Woman’s Club vice president