I see lots of yard signs saying, “It is our oil,” and that is correct. The question is, do we want to sell it or do we want to keep it? It is the voters’ choice. Oil companies are consumers just as we are. How do you like being dictated to by our local oil distributor, freight company or utility?

We have little choice. Unlike us, the oil companies can buy oil where it’s cheapest. They have a lot invested in infrastructure, but without more investment in more oil, this, too, will slowly go away.

Ever notice when anything is overpriced, how hard it is to sell? I believe that our governor saw this and tried to do what is best for the state and its citizens. Oil is a commodity for sale, so please do your research and see what the economists have to say, and please don’t just vote on a slogan, “Stop the big giveaway.”

This might be the most important vote in a long time for Alaskans, and the question is, do we want to be in the oil business with its jobs or do we want to get out of the oil and gas business?

Oil companies have a lot of money invested in Alaska, so why wouldn’t they want to support keeping Alaska’s oil viable?

Please don’t take my or anybody else’s word for it, but do your own research.

Thank you for reading my take on this upcoming vote.

Leonard Dubber