If you have been following the news articles in the Chilkat Valley News, you would have noticed an ongoing dispute concerning Paul Nelson, local business owner of Acme Transfer, and a handful of neighbors in Skyline Estates who disagree about how Nelson has solved the problem of glass disposal by using it as fill on his personal property. One neighbor even trespassed upon Nelson’s property to remove a sampling of fill to show the Haines Borough Assembly.

Did the neighbors approach Nelson with their objections? Did they know of Nelson’s full plan before objecting? Did they know the fill in the house foundation preceded an overlay of concrete that would cover the base? Did they do what they would want done if the roles were reversed?

Also, did they realize that any project looks worse before it looks better? Look around town. How many building endeavors look good while the project is in the works?

In addition, not everyone who took glass to Acme cleaned the glass as requested by the sign reading, “Clean glass only.” It became Nelson’s burden to clean, sort and crush the glass for transport out of state. Has anyone asked themselves where their trash goes once it’s disposed of?

Nelson appears to be the one solving problems facing our community. Not only does he dispose of our refuse, but Nelson serves the community through donations to many organizations. Perhaps Nelson’s neighbors should get to know this man.

Diana Lee