Haines Borough residents can ask questions of rookie manager David Sosa at a town hall meeting from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Chilkat Center lobby.

Sosa will give a report of his first 60 days on the job, including his observations about the borough and what actions he has taken so far. He will also take questions from the audience.

Mayor Stephanie Scott said Sosa suggested the meeting.

“He is employed by the borough assembly and by extension the entire community, and he feels a responsibility to the entire community as well as the assembly and I applaud that,” Scott said. “It is going to be an opportunity for the community to see how he is thinking.”

Scott said Sosa and former manager Mark Earnest had different styles, and Earnest was “more of a hermit” inclined to stay in the office instead of venturing out into the community for feedback.

“I think (Earnest) was old-school. It didn’t occur to him to do that,” Scott said.

The assembly recently conducted a 60-day review of Sosa in executive session.