The school year has come to an end, and with it, all the school season Community Youth Development activities. Like so many programs here in Haines, CYD would not happen without the volunteers who give their time. Thank you to Ralph and Sarah Swinton and James and Ashley Sage for their continued support as coaches in the middle school boys’ basketball program. Thank you to Matt Davis for your assistance at the Juneau tournament.  Thank you, Lori Giddings and Tiffany DeWitt, for your time and efforts coaching middle school basketball girls. Thank you, Cassie and Brittney Miller, for coaching our middle school volleyball players. And lastly, thank you Brian O’Riley for again coaching our middle school track athletes. Thank you, Tiffany DeWitt, for helping chaperone the track trip to Juneau. With summer comes a whole new listing of available activities. CYD usually sponsors a summer soccer camp in July. We are in need of coaches willing to take this on and make it happen, so if you are available, please let me know. To all our volunteers and parents, a very sincere thank you for your continued support and investment in our youth of Haines.

  Albert Giddings, CYD Director