Tread lightly when you call for the borough to impose more regulatory requirements. Every industry has regulating organizations. Typically in the ski industry this begins with the insurance carriers, landowners, and programs like OSHA. Every ordinance or regulation the borough imposes on the heli-skiers is one more liability the borough takes on and must enforce. When we lost a fisherman overboard the borough did not make an ordinance that every person on a fishing vessel must wear a flotation device. Instead, those involved held a fundraiser and bought floating bibs, giving them at no cost to the fishing fleet. Can we as a community show our support to these heli-skiing companies and do something similar like donating air bags to the companies’ rental fleets? Bags could be loaned at no cost to everyone who comes to enjoy our slopes and scenery with these companies. This, in turn, would show that Haines appreciates their presence and patronage and we as a community would love to see them again. While riding up in SEABA’s snowcat last Thursday with a mix of Canadians, Austrians, and locals, I asked why they wanted to come to Haines. “We see it in ski movies and magazines. If you want to ski big lines you come to Haines.” Agreement was echoed throughout the cab by many as our guide asked us if we would like to stop and take pictures of the swans. Let’s show our support for the international draw these companies bring to our home.

Gen Armstrong