The Haines Ski Club will host the Dennis Miles Memorial Ski Racestarting 11 a.m. Saturday at the 25 Mile Haines Highway pullout.

The tracked course will be approximately 10 kilometers, and there will be a smaller loop for kids and those who prefer a shorter ski. The club is encouraging people of all ages and abilities to come out for some healthy, low-impact exercise and a fun day.

The event will be free, but donations can be made to the ski club. Refreshments will be available.

Capping off a cross-country ski season, and in preparation for the Buckwheat Ski Classic in Skagway, the club hopes this race will raise the profile of the groomed trails along the Klehini River flats, said club member Reuben Loewen.

The race is in memory of the businessman and outdoor recreation enthusiast who groomed the trail at 25 Mile out of his own pocket for many years.

In addition to this event, the Ski Club has been regularly grooming trails at 25 Mile, the Valley of the Eagles Golf Course, and the Chilkoot State Recreation site when conditions cooperate. Club members provide updated ski condition reports on their website,