The Haines Borough Police Department is obviously lacking in training and integrity. The ability of officers to properly fill out and file a complaint form is a most basic requirement. If you have had a complaint read against you in an arraignment, it must meet the requirements of Alaska Rules of Court rule of criminal procedure, rule 3 and 4. The complaint must be attested to under penalty of perjury. HBPD has been effectuating policy or custom and practices under the color of law for years by selectively lying on complaints and in court. This deprives persons of the due process entitled by Alaska and U.S. constitutions. If this has happened to you, please file a complaint with the borough or contact me at 766-2310 and I will help you petition for redress of the issue. I was falsely convicted at a second trial in August 2013, based on the same charges and evidence presented to the jury who voted 5-1 for acquittal in May 2012. The fact that the Juneau district attorney ignores the intake procedures set forth by the attorney general to prosecute cases for political gains of individuals and deprive us of due process is unacceptable, even if the Department of Justice and executive branches say it’s okay to lie or ignore the Constitution. I have the time to expose this travesty and deliberate obstruction of justice. Feel free to call me or stop me on the street to share your experiences. Email me at [email protected].

Randy Jackson