Hire Simon Ford as police chief and stop spending money advertising. If David Sosa is the guy for manager and he accepts the job, have him come back in mid-January with his wife, and ask him again. If Alaska Power and Telephone wants to raise rates 18 percent because the demand is dropping along with population, ask Mr. Grimm about the viewshed of the waterfall from Goat Lake, which is regulated in conjunction with the National Park Service for the tourists on the train from the cruise ships. They pour the water over the dam so the train people can see the waterfalls! Also, someone needs to question the construction of the all-electric building (the supposed veterans’ home and supposed “wellness center”) that removes numerous non-profits from the private sector rentals with taunts of lower costs. This move affects the private enterprise rental structure in Haines. This entity in its completion could put us over the top for hydro usage during the winter, and we would have to go on diesel! But talking with the powers that be, he said they could handle it! Sure they can! Now, coincidentally, AP&T wants to raise rates. This is a federally subsidized structure, which the Haines taxpayers will eventually fund, starting now with an electric increase! For everyone, beginning in January with an 8 percent increase in order to ease us into the real increase of 18 percent. Happy New Year!

Norm Smith