The borough needs to sell that Main Street property and get it on the tax rolls, bringing in money and not shoveling it out by the buckets. If Aspen Hotels wants to replace lost motel rooms, that’s the best news of 2013. The idea of another park or “campus” is not reality. We can barely afford the upkeep on parks we have. The efforts of Lenise Henderson have improved Main Street but we still have a long way to go to bring this town back to what it was. I got on a plane to the Midwest in April and the person next to me asked where I was from. When I said Haines he started to laugh and said, “You mean you live in that hippie town that doesn’t want anything in the way of  progress?” I said yes and he asked why. I told him it hasn’t always been that way, but it was my home and my family was there. I thought about what he said and realized even if I did want to move, who would buy my home and business in a dying town? Our elected leaders need to figure out how to pay for their spending and get this town going again. Residents are being beat to death with taxes to pay for things only a few have time to enjoy. Get that hotel chain here and then find some company willing to put in a convention center and encourage new opportunities for jobs

Carol Waldo