With my Alaskan summer coming to a close, I found it only fitting to write a letter to the paper that brought me here in the first place. I was offered an internship at the Chilkat Valley News in the spring of my freshman year of college, and in May I suddenly found myself on the Fjordland on my way to Haines.

What the hell did I get myself into? I was alone, nervous and was wondering if it was too late for them to turn the boat around, but then I arrived. And as easy as it was for me to get used to living amongst the mountains and glaciers, it was even easier to get used to the quirky and unique characters that make up the town of Haines.

Tom Morphet, the CVN family and all of Haines taught me how to not only be a better journalist but how to also be a more confident person. In retrospect, I think Tom Morphet said it best, “Haines is never really a place you can say goodbye to.”

Thank you all for the wonderful memories and for an excellent summer.

Kevin Ward