A while back I had a doctor’s appointment in Juneau. I had two transportation options, take the ferry or fly (weather permitting). But what if there was a third option! My appointment was 11 a.m. I could fly, round-trip, for $230 plus $40 for two cab fares. Or I could ferry down the day before, overnight, see the doctor, overnight, then catch the morning ferry back home. Total cost for three days: $485. The third, theoretical option would be to take the morning shuttle ferry to Katzehin, drive to Juneau, see the doctor, then drive back to catch the afternoon shuttle ferry to Haines. Total cost: $45 for gas and $50 for the shuttle. I could also take two friends along at no extra cost and even stop at Costco. I could also save $140 in shipping cost by taking my welding tank down to be refilled. The time and cost-saving options are endless.

Dave Werner