Reality TV star Parker Schnabel of Haines said his recent interview with newsman Larry King was fun. It was Schnabel’s first interview on camera.

“He was cool. He was funny. It was really great to meet him, actually,” Schnabel said.

In a few months, Schnabel will start his third season of televised placer mining on “Gold Rush,” the Discovery Channel’s hit show, but this time in the famed Klondike mining district near Dawson City, Y.T.

The show’s other mining crews will be working in Haines and South America.

“It’s a natural move for me,” Schnabel said. “The ground in Porcupine is pretty well worked. My grandpa has been up there pretty much forever.”

Schnabel said he enjoys the people he works with and is attracted to the TV industry, a bit.

“I don’t have that kind of patience. It’s fascinating, though, to take something like ‘Gold Rush’ and turn it into a TV show. There’s a lot to it.”

He said: “I don’t mind the Discovery girls and all the talent managers… They call me ‘talent,’ which is messed up in itself,” Schnabel said.

His interview with King can be found online at