Your article regarding the death of Ted Lynch in the Dec. 6 edition of the CVN was off-base and unwarranted. I was shocked and surprised that you would base an entire article on one person’s account of the events that day and draw conclusions based on that singular account, to what end? What could possibly be gained from printing such an article, at the expense of the memory of Ted Lynch and his huge body of family and friends? Ted’s influence on Haines cannot be overstated, and everyone that knew Ted also knows that the claims your article made are not close to reality and not believable. 

I am very disappointed in your lack of integrity and attempts to drag a hard-working father and friend of so many Haines residents through the mud, using questionable facts that result in nothing to gain with a large cost. It’s embarrassing to think you would report fictitious news just to stir the pot or try and sell a couple more newspapers. Your motive is uncertain and your reporting is subjective. You have gone too far this time.

Brian Elliott