We have an amazing opportunity on Nov. 6 to elect one of our region’s great treasures, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins.

I have watched Jonathan grow up and thrive in our community. He was born and raised in Sitka and is the product of Sitka High and Yale University, from which he is graduating a semester early. In the last four years, he has devoted much of his energy toward giving back to a region he cares about. This includes bringing together institutional stakeholders to successfully quantify glacial retreat on Baranof Island, public policy work for the City of Sitka and Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, two chamber music tours throughout Southeast (Jonathan is a fantastic cellist), and founding the Sitka Fellows Program, a national fellowship program based in Sitka.

I know that Jonathan has the intelligence, experience, and integrity to represent us. While his opponent voted for a tax cut for oil companies and has a campaign war chest funded with $5,000 in oil company donations, Jonathan understands that we need to protect Alaska’s oil revenue for infrastructure and education.

I support Jonathan because he listens before he talks. I know that Jonathan, after being elected, will continue to listen to the voices of our communities and, on our behalf, will be the hardest working representative in the Alaska Legislature. I believe we need someone with a sharp and innovative mind as well as someone with compassion and sincerity. A vote for Jonathan is a vote for the future of our region.

Jeanine Brooks