A boxholder survey to be mailed next week is aimed at gathering public sentiment for the Community Facility Master Plan.

The plan is intended to guide borough decisions about public facilities including the Human Resource Building, Visitor’s Center, Chilkat Center, swimming pool, Sheldon Museum, public safety building and borough administration building.

Work resulting from the plan, which may take the form of new construction or improvements to existing structures, is set for 2015.The master plan effort includes a technical analysis, a community needs assessment and funding source research.

The brief survey, developed by Haines consultant Lenise Henderson Fontenot, is part of the needs assessment.

About a half-dozen questions will include ones asking residents to rank government services in order of their importance to the community, rating how well services are provided, and asking which of the facilities respondents would repair, given limited funds, and what new buildings the respondents would support.

“We really encourage everybody to participate so the data is as good as it possibly can be,” said borough executive assistant Darsie Culbeck.

Culbeck said he anticipates a public meeting will follow the survey, including an opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

As part of the master plan, McCool, Carlson and Green Architects will survey the facilities for safety, building code and disability law requirements. The survey will include anticipated capital costs and costs of operation and maintenance.

“An example would be the Human Resource Building that houses the Chilkat Valley Preschool. It may prove that the costs to maintain and heat this old building would be more than housing the preschool in a new, multi-purpose community center that would combine other public services,” Culbeck said.

Local consultants Ann Myren and Cecily Stern will assist in identifying and analyzing potential funding sources and preparing grant applications for project funding, Culbeck said.