I would like to thank all the community members who were involved in our Exploratory Program for Haines Middle School students this school year. Middle school students participated in two sessions of specialized classes where they could explore new interests. Community members brought their expertise to our school and worked with our students to develop new skills. Some of the classes offered were dancing, carving, drum-making, Native arts, cooking, silk painting, photography, quilting, and wildlife video. We appreciated the time the following people gave to work with our youth: Jim Heaton, Bill McRoberts, Mario Benassi, JennyLyn Smith, Rayne Litera, Jacky Ruggirello, Leslie Dennis, Tim Ackerman, and Heather Ripley. I would also like to thank the Haines Middle School Staff for putting in extra time and effort to create new classes to offer students as part of the exploratories.

Lisa Andriesen