The recent case of animal cruelty is the worst I ever heard. The saddest thing of all, it was by one of our own police officers, someone who was hired to uphold the law here in Haines. Are there background checks to see what kind of people we want to work on our police force?

For months this horse owner neglected to feed or make certain her animals were in clean, comfortable stalls. By the time the neglect was made known, the horses were near death! How can even the most heartless owner treat their animals in this manner?

I suppose the horses listened for the footsteps that meant food or a kind word that never came. The months went by and after a while they gave up hope and after that, it probably didn’t even matter anymore. They probably just hoped they would die and end their suffering. Finally, help came, I hope not too late to save these starving horses.

The case of animal cruelty is being investigated – what’s to investigate? The case is quite clear! While being investigated, the horse owner is being given paid leave!