By CVN Staff
Haines pioneer Helen Fenn passed away Jan. 24 at the Sitka Pioneer Home. She was 98. She was a charter member of the Haines Pioneer Igloo and was remembered with a moment of silence at the group’s regular Sunday meeting. There will be a full obituary in next week’s Chilkat Valley News.
A memorial service for Francis Smalley is planned for 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Port Chilkoot Bible Church. Family asks if friends wish to share a memory of Francis, bring a picture, poem or fond story to the service to celebrate her life. Refreshments will be served after the service. Francis died in Anchorage on Jan. 7 of organ failure.
State park campground host Bob Deck recently spent seven days in Haines, visiting John Etheridge and Jenny Moisl. He helped them shovel snow and fixed their car door, Jenny said. “It’s nice to see snow when you don’t have to,” Deck said. Once a sawmill worker in Haines, the last winter Deck spent here was in 1978. He lives in Canby, Ore., south of Portland. “We don’t get snow down there at all,” Deck said.
Gina St. Clair, son Casey and daughter Gabrielle spent two weeks camping on their property in La Manzanilla, Mexico. Although their last trip was four years ago, their neighbors treated them like family, Gina said. They enjoyed swimming, playing on the beach and hiking.
Will Egolf graduated in December from Bradley University with a degree in communications. Egolf, the 6’9”center on Bradley’s Division I basketball team, is sidelined this season after re-tearing his ACL during a scrimmage last summer. Dad Dan Egolf said Will would attend Bradley another year, and hopes to return next season to the Braves’ starting rotation. “He’ll have gone to college for six years and played basketball for four.”
Joe Parnell gets a mention in the “Mailbag” section of the February edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Joe wrote that the best concert he ever saw was Meat Loaf, recounting how the hefty rocker “started at one end of the stage, ran a bit, and rolled to the other end.”
The Haines Alaska Native Sisterhood installed its officers Saturday. Officers include Georgiana Hotch, president; Marilyn Wilson, vice president; Carol Lawrence, secretary; Carol Duis, treasurer; Leanne Converse and Peggy Ormasen, sergeant-at-arms; and Leslie Cawley Dennis, Mary Lekanof and Paulina Phillips, camp council.