Is the borough so busy that they have forgotten to take care of the cemetery? When it was mowed before Memorial Day, only part of it was done, leaving the south end in weeds and graves covered with brush. I go out there often and the weeds are getting higher. For years my husband, Bill, did volunteer work on the cemetery, the road around it, removing stumps from someone else’s logging mess and mowing. Now his own grave is surrounded by tall weeds.  I do appreciate the D-1 placed on the road.  Each spring I pick up a large garbage sack of beer cans, whiskey bottles, used condoms, girls’ panties and food packaging.  Where Bill removed stumps to enlarge the cemetery is being used for mud trucking.  Hire someone to use a weed eater and clean off the graves and cut down the brush. Spend some of that tax money to keep our cemetery nice. Let the tourist industry tax themselves like the fishermen do, as Mike Van Note wrote last week. Perhaps we need to hire him, Joe Poor and Sally McGuire to get this town back on track with their common sense ideas. Drive out Sawmill Road and see for yourself what a disgrace our cemetery is.

Carol Waldo