Wildland firefighters boarded two skiffs April 28 to battle a blaze at Taiyasanka Harbor.

“It was a couple acres in size, and we kept it out of the trees and kept it on the beach, so it just burned some grass and driftwood,” said forester Roy Josephson. “It could have gotten into the timber there, and then it could have been much worse.”

Josephson and five others responded to the fire after smoke was reported from Beach Road.

The team pumped saltwater through hoses and had the fire out within a few hours.

Josephson said the fire likely started from a campfire that wasn’t properly extinguished.

“There was water right there; they could have taken a bucket and dumped some water on it,” he said. “You just don’t want to leave an unattended fire and it was pretty windy over there, coming off the canal.”