The Haines swimming pool is expected to be closed through Monday morning for repairs.

“The problem is the sand filter developed another leak,” said Patricia Peters, pool manager. “The water goes from the gutters into the pipes into the sand filter, where it gets cleaned, and then it comes back into the pool.”

She said the filter has been a concern in the past few months, and the pool relied on patchwork and then a plug to keep operating until more issues arose Wednesday.

“The plug’s been working great, up until just recently, when water was starting to dribble around the edge,” Peters said. “It’s just corroding, and it needs to be replaced. (The filter) is due to be replaced next fiscal year, which would start in July.”

She said more patchwork likely will have to do until new funding is available.

Peters said once the pool re-opens next week, noon swims might be shortened to make room for water safety classes.

A Haines Dolphins swim team time trial scheduled for Saturday was postponed and has not yet been rescheduled.