Is it too late to build a community center instead of a recreation center? If possible, could a community center and a recreation center be built?

I would like to know if the Mayor and assembly could vote on building a community center or a recreation center, or, as an alternative, could they vote on building a community center and a recreation center?

Advantages of a community center include that the area being considered is right in the middle of town, that it would generate revenue to the community and that if there was a legislative information and satellite dish, the community could teleconference with the legislature.

The main floor would have an auditorium for conferences, seminars and workshops. On one end, there would be a raised platform and a kitchen for the conferences.

The second floor would have a legislative information office, assembly chambers, and a computer room where people could plug their computers in. Also, rooms for non-profits. The hot-water tank could be solar-powered.

These are not all the possibilities. They are just some ideas I believe should be considered by the Mayor and assembly. Again, I believe a community center would be beneficial to the Haines area.

Albert Judson