A phalanx of local peace officers on Tuesday arrested an Oregon man wanted there on misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and violating a domestic order. Bail was set at $100,000.

Daniel John Lee, 31, a Portland-area street preacher who allegedly made threatening statements on the Internet about Clackamas County officials and his ex-wife, arrived here on the ferry a week ago and checked into a local motel.

Police were tipped off to his presence by Oregon police Monday, but the warrant out for Lee initially wasn’t sufficient to extradite him, said Haines chief Gary Lowe. The warrant was later changed, he said.

“They’re very concerned about the danger this man poses to the general public, his ex-wife and his current wife,” Lowe said.

Due to a history of fighting with police, three members of the borough police force, two state troopers and a state parks ranger made the arrest, which came without incident Tuesday afternoon at the Sheldon Museum. Lee was inside, looking at exhibits when lawmen approached, Lowe said.

Residents who approached Lee said he was very cordial, but he “blew up” in at least one conversation about religion, Lowe said. “I understand he spent a lot of time at the library. He was using the Internet there.”

Lowe said he fielded many phone calls from Oregon media about Lee. “They say this guy’s a terrorist.” Lowe said Lee made disturbing statements on a website, but nothing that would amount to a terrorist threat in Alaska.

Lee didn’t break any Alaska laws he was aware of, Lowe said.

Lowe said extradition to the Lower 48 from Haines is not that unusual for criminals on the lam. “Being at the end of the ferry route, people can get here and then they realize they can’t get over the (Canada) border and they’re stuck here.”